Angry Flocks

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What is Angry Flocks?

Angry Flocks

Angry Flocks is about to be one of the best new puzzle-shooting games online added on our website recently, having been inspired by the most popular games in this genre, so precisely for that reason we could not have missed the chance to share it with you, and we hope you are also not going to miss out on this opportunity granted to you!

Shoot the Angry Flocks online!

Control the sling using the mouse on PCs and the finger on mobile devices to shoot birds out of them towards the platforms that are holding the green aliens, who are the enemies of these birds, and you need to do enough damage to the platforms or the aliens directly in order to dispose of them all and clear the levels.

Try causing as much destruction as possible with one bird that you shoot, while remembering that you have a limited number of them you can use per level. If you run out of birds and enemies are still standing, you lose. Instead, the quicker you move, the more stars you get, from one to three, per level.

Good luck and the best we wish you all, inviting you to tell your friends about our amazing daily games as well, it would be a shame not to play them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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