Angry Heroes

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What is Angry Heroes?

Angry Heroes

Angry Heroes is one of the best new takes on Angry Birds Games online that we've had on our website in recent times, definitely, an addition we would not have left you without, since we know just how much people love puzzle-shooting games in general, and this is not going to be an exception, of course!

Become the most skilled Angry Heroes online!

On each level, shoot the birds with the slingshots to hit the green aliens sitting on various wooden platforms, with the goal being to blow up all the greenies to win the level, and the fewer birds it takes to do it, the more stars you get, so always aim for 3/3.

You can only shoot a limited amount of birds per level, so try to cause as much destruction with each of your shots as possible. Also, when in the air, you can sometimes activate the special ability of a bird by clicking/tapping again.

Each new level is more difficult than the one prior, but also more fun, so always give your best to have the best time possible!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.