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Neon Ghost

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Neon Ghost
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Neon Ghost Overview


Neon Ghost is the perfect game for boys and men who visit our website to play, as it has so many things they want!

First of all, it is a game set in a Cyberpunk world, a dystopian future that has great technology, as you will see from the weapons, designs, and world, but the people are not happy, and maybe that is why they will be fighting one another!

Even better, the foes you encounter are other players from all across the world, in this dense multiplayer game where you fight for survival. Of course, not all will be enemies, some will be friends!

It is free-to-play, you got an open world where you get to create your own character similar to RPG Games, and solidify yourselves as top players, and the story is an engaging one that will not leave you one moment to breathe!

Have we got you hooked? For sure, so let's dive deeper into it, so you can start your next must-play gaming experience from our website!

Become a Neon Ghost who conquers the cyberpunk world!

Start off from your base by picking up your sword, and then defeat your first robot, as robots will be your main enemies in this game, as it is a battle of humans vs AI, where technology is your friend, but, as you can see, it created monsters too!

Use combos of light and hard attacks, using the mouse to attack, and moving around with the WASD keys. As you get deeper into the city, the robots get bigger and stronger, so always equip yourselves with the weapons and tools you need, and power up from the attacks to use special ones to defeat more enemies through your slashes!

Use the X key to skip sequences, F to confirm your choices, hold shift to run or roll, and press the spacebar to make jumps over pits or obstacles. Use the currency you win in the shop, which you open with I, and get upgrades with the B button.

Don't lose your 100 health points, and make sure you get those experience points going only up, to become a better Neon Ghost. As you explore this dirty world, change your appearance too, with new costumes and gear, which should be used both to look amazing, but also to become more durable, faster, or hit harder. Functional and fashionable!

Meet with the other players, trade, get into parties to go into harder missions, but always work to out-rank them in the leaderboard of players, of whom join day after day. We recommend registering so that you can come back to this game day by day, maybe get some daily rewards, and bookmark this game to have it on hand when you want to start your fun!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Explore the open-world or try the enticing story to save the Cyberpunk city!
  • Make combos of attacks on the robots to kill them faster!
  • Customize your own hero like in RPG Games, and maximize your XP points!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse (Q and E alternatively), F, X, I, V, B.

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