Ghost Wiper 2

Ghost Wiper 2

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Ghost Wiper 2
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Ghost Wiper 2 Overview

The Ghost Wiper game is appearing today right here on our website, where we are sure that you will enjoy this new 2 player challenge, in which you and two little chibi characters will be hunting ghosts on several levels.

Because it's a two-player game, you have to have a friend that can help you hunt the ghost and catch them as fast and as easy as possible, so you have to work as a team like the famous Ghostbusters. You will see that each of the two players will have a special weapon, and one cannot work without the other.

Each level will be different and will have a different amount of ghosts to catch, so you have to be very vigilant and make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to have a great time and see how the ghosts will be caught before they escape again, and for that, you are going to have to use the A, S, W, D and the ARROW keys to move the characters around the map, and the F and L keys to use the ghost weapons that they have.

You will have to be very careful and fast, because this is going to be a difficult adventure game, in which there will be traps, elevators, pits and hidden spikes that you have to avoid while you try to catch all the ghosts in each level, and you have to remember that the weapons only work together.

Player 1 will have an electricity gun, which will stun the ghosts for a few seconds, and player 2 will have a special vortex mine, which can be thrown on the ground and it will capture the ghost only if it's still stunned by player 1's electric ray. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the ARROW and A, S, W, D keys to move player 1 and player 2. Use the F and L keys to use weapons.

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