Sky High

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What is Sky High?

Sky High

Sky High is one of the best new skill games to have been added here for you all, which belongs to the very popular genre of balance games or tower-building games, which is what you will be doing here: build a tower. Of course, it's not just any tower, but a Greek-style tower that you try to make as big as possible until it reaches the top of the skies!

The parts of the tower are going to come and move on the screen to the left and to the right, and when you click, they stop and get dropped there. You have to make it so that you move one piece on top of another without them falling down because if they are not balanced and they fall, you lose and have to start again.

This is not difficult at the beginning, but it gets more complicated as you advance because the pieces of the tower get smaller, so you need to be more focused when you drop them. The bigger your tower gets, the more coins you get in return for it, so try and get more coins each new time you play!

How big of a tower do you think you can make? Find out right now, and have a great time, as always!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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