Steven Universe Gem Combat

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What is Steven Universe Gem Combat?

Steven Universe Gem Combat
This is a new Steven Universe game by Cartoon Network that is very unique because it's a combination of multiple genres of games! The goal of this game is to defeat your opponent by building up your gems on the board and clearing them with their appropriate stars. You can play this game against the computer or your friend. There is even a story mode, in this mode, Steven and the Earth are attacked by alien robots who want to take over it, you need to help Steven gain his power by matching the gems. There are many characters to choose from like Steven, Pearl, Garnet, and more!

The game is a combination of genres because it is a Tetris-like game with "Match 3" functionality. There are pairs of 2 gems or stars falling from the top of the board to the bottom, you have to rotate and move them to clear out gems on the board, doing so will fill up your power meter. If you manage to clear out a lot of gems, your opponent will get "bubble gems". Bubble gems are gems that are protected by bubbles and cannot be destroyed until the bubble pops. Each character has their own unique power-up, for example, Steven's power-up can pop all bubble gems from the board which can save you from tricky situations. When you defeat an alien robot, you move onto the next level, getting closer to their boss. There are 5 levels in total in the game that you need to finish.

In case your gems reach the top of your screen, you lose and you will have to restart the level from the beginning. There are 3 bosses in this game, upon defeating a boss, you will progress to the next area where you need to beat 5 more levels, the defeated boss will also become playable in the versus modes.

Are you ready to save the Earth from the alien robots? Let's find out!

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How to play?

Use W to rotate gems, use S or E to quickly lower gems, move gems with A or D. For the second player use I to rotate gems, K to quickly lower gems, and move gems with J or L.