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What are Steven Universe Games?

Steven Universe is the new Cartoon Network animated series and is already ready to offer you the newest and also the most beautiful games of this type, so to succeed with them to create as many of adventures that they have in the new missions players that fans have. Well, in games you'll Universe Steven Steven knows who is the main character that is part of the intergalactic Crystals. It has curly hair is medium height, perhaps small, well-formed and able to fight with anyone who is willing to terrorize our planet Earth. Universe wants to save the planet from intergalactic war that seems to have got dominion over all that is fighting activities, beatings, shootings against galactic monsters with Crystal Gems, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl that underlie each time when he wants to reach the end of their missions. This is an eternal optimist, but unfortunately never saw his mother, but every time someone mentions a negative situation, it is able to jump to the beat to protect the name of his master because he loves her. Garnet is the woman in the red suit is part of a diamond as a sapphire, a very precious pearl which manages to gather all the powers it has in one hand, destroying everything around you is getting faster. Garnet is one of the calmer, better mastered women's groups in both hands aliens with diamonds and precious stones that are red dark and she always give the required power of each fight. Amethyst is one of the strangest characters, because it is entirely violet, her favorite is the Amethyst stone which gives power and that carries over the chest, which takes almost all the hair coloring all your hair in a gray and white closed. Pearl you gather all the power of pearls is also the intellectual and resourceful girl we have in the new game, it managed to collect all the power he has around her every pearl colored or colorless and cold to think every problem find a subjective response every time and easily solve each task. Secondary characters are presented in the following and Greg Universe is a rocker that stands out dance style, Rose Quartz Crystal leader who formed the group, Opal is composed of two power stones made ​​olalta.