Bouncy Stick

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What is Bouncy Stick?

Bouncy Stick
You are in control of a bouncy wild spring and you need to help it get to the finish line! You spawn in a 3D level, and you can control the spring by moving it forward and backward. You are required to move the spring so it bounces forward closer to the finish line. You need to be careful though, the level has a ceiling too and if you bounce too high, the spring will hit the other side and will bounce backward forcing you to bounce forward again.

There are many obstacles you may find on the level such as breakable pillars that come in many colors like green and yellow; There are also balls that also can come in many colors and designs like blue and white stripes. After completing the level the spring will bounce forward and depending on how far lands you will get that much money, starting at 5 coins and ending at 85. The game has 30 levels that you can beat, and their difficulty gets increasingly higher.

Are you ready to help the spring get to the finish line? Time to find out!

How to play?

Use the mouse or your finger to move the spring.

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