Save The Girl

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What is Save The Girl?

Save The Girl
Save The Girl is a game of skill and logic, in which you will have to think very carefully about all the moves you make so that you can prove to us that you can save the beautiful woman in the game.

The current game also has a continuity in the game Save the Lady 2 where the adventures of the beautiful blonde girl are taken to another level. As you can see, logic and abstract thinking are the best qualities in this game, because often the correct answer is not the one that is logical, but the one that is more abstract, which is why we guide you to let your imagination run wild. to succeed in winning all levels of the game.

One positive thing for the player is that the game is not on time, so you will not have to hurry to find the right solution, which will relax you a bit. Most of the time you will have to choose between two similar answers, so 50% chance to find the right result.

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How to play?

use the mouse.