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Ninja io is a fighting game through which you will have the opportunity to test your abilities in terms of fighting criminals. Come and improve your skills or learn new ones if you are a beginner in this field. The game is captivating and very interesting.

You must know that this game can also be played online, in which case your entire course is saved and you will be able to resume exactly where you left off. If you choose to play it offline, you must know that the course is not saved and every time you want to play, you will have to resume it from the beginning. Choose the weapons you consider appropriate and start fighting the enemies that appear everywhere. You have to be very careful.

Shooting down from a position above your enemy will increase the energy of your projectiles, making them more lethal. Gravity hurts! Grenades, RPG rockets, and other projectiles can be deflected by direct hits. Seek cover behind objects and barriers, but keep in mind that the shockwave of explosions can pass through many obstacles. Aim for the head! Direct hits on specific body parts like the head or torso will do more damage than hits on limbs. Use teleportation gates, moving platforms, and trampolines to your advantage. Above all, keep track of new developments!

We hope you like this game and we invite you to discover other games on our site. Have fun!

How to play?

use the mouse and the arrow keys

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