Cook And Decorate

Cook And Decorate

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Cook And Decorate
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Cook And Decorate Overview

You can't really say that it's often we get to see the cooking games and decorating games combined together, but since girls love both these activities a lot, we've got no doubt at all that Cook And Decorate is going to be one of the most popular game of the day among them, and it should be, since it is high-quality, mobile-friendly, and really fun from start to finish!

How to run the most successful restaurant ever!

In this restaurant that you have set up yourself, you are going to be the cook, you are going to be the business manager, as well as the server, and while it might seem like a lot of work and it might seem difficult, we will teach you what you have to do.

Your primary focus is to decorate the restaurant and make it as lively and well-equipped as possible, and you will do so by adding flowers, changing the way the walls look, putting in new tables, adding refrigerators and other useful equipment as well.

Cook and serve your customers properly!

To do all these decorations you need money, and to get money you need to serve your customers with the food they require. Cook the food, and serve the sodas, cakes, and anything else, making sure to serve as many people in the given time as possible.

Make sure that the customers are not waiting around for their order too much, or they will leave, and not only do you lose money, but you might lose them as clients forever.

Start your restauranteur life right now!

Now that you know how to do both the decorating part of the game as well as the cooking aspect, nothing should hold you back from giving the game your best and doing both actions perfectly!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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