Dragon Ball Korin Tower

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What is Dragon Ball Korin Tower?

Dragon Ball Korin Tower

Today is going to be an awesome day just from the fact that on our website you can find and play new Dragon Ball Games as cool as this one, a new and awesome game called Dragon Ball Korin Tower, which is a skill game based on the first series in this decades-spanning saga, where you will be challenged and have fun at the same time!

Help Goku climb the Korin Tower without falling from it!

As Goku climbs the Korin Tower, the biggest tower in the world of Dragon Ball, you have to alternate between its left and right sides, because obstacles appear, and they need to be avoided. Tap on the screen when you want to change from one side to the other, and be fast, because hitting them means losing.

Of course, the higher on the tower you can climb, the better your performance is considered, and the bigger your score becomes, and this being an endless game, we hope that each time you play it you give it your best and do better than the last time.

We want to wish you all good luck, and we invite you to stick around for the fun, as it would be a shame not to have fun with even more of these awesome games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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