FNF: Cosmo Calamity vs Yukichi

FNF: Cosmo Calamity vs Yukichi

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FNF: Cosmo Calamity vs Yukichi
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FNF: Cosmo Calamity vs Yukichi Overview


Friday Night Funkin 'vs Cosmo Calamity vs Yukichi is here! A new mission of BF has just begun, on a new planet, where you will meet Cosmo Calamity, one of the cutest characters on that planet, who just challenged you to a new duel. Even if this time you will have to fight against an alien, you will have to know that this mission is not lost, you have to fight and try to dance as well as possible on the new rap rhythms that we will present to you.

Who is Cosmo Calamity vs Yukichi from FNF way?

This cute alien is the new main character that Boyfriend will have to beat in this new mod. The origin of this alien is the planet Kepler 503, where he was born and raised, and today there will be a big match against BF. As an external appearance, Yukichi is a nice girl, who has two antennae on her head, her favorite color is pink, and in this sense, her hair is pink (short length), the blouse she is wearing is pink, her pants are the same color, and standing wearing a pair of pink sneakers. In this new mod you will be able to dance to three other unique songs called:

  1. Bad-Gateway
  2. Not found
  3. Service unavailable


-Wwo! I don't see foreigners around this planet often!

-Beep boop Bap!

-Nice to meet you friends! Care to introduce yourselves?

-Boop Bah doo!

-Me? I'm Girlfriend and the short one here is Boyfriend!


-Sorry, I mean the handsome one!

-Anywho...Whant brings you all here?

-Ah right, we were here for a reason...but it seems I can't quite remember...The trip here has got me a bit woozy

-Skdoo, beep dah, doo?

-I'' try to remember what it was later...

-Oh okay! I ubnderstand!

-A song?...Well I do love some welcome songs! Let's do it!

  • Programming by ninjamuffin99
  • Art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r
  • Music by Kawai Sprite
Mod developed by:

Programmer: isophoro

Artist: pierogii

Musician: birdbonanza

Coding Help: Tenta, Rifxii, bbpanzu, made swag kade engine

How to play?

Use the arrows to dance!

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