Rushdown Rivals

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What is Rushdown Rivals?

Rushdown Rivals

It's a well-known fact already that on our website you always get the chance to find and play some of the best new action-adventure games on the internet, which is why so many boys come back to our website day after day, and today's newest game is an awesome one called Rushdown Rivals, a game developed for Pico Day 2021, and which features the popular online gaming character of Pico!

Save the city of Newgrounds from the robot version of Tomp Fulp and his robot minions!

To defeat this enemy, along the course and during your adventure, you will use various weapons, such as only your fists, baseball bats, or, of course, guns, which are perfect if you want to make mid or long-range shots on your opponents.

The TomBot will constantly attack you, so you need to give it your best to avoid them, jumping over them if they come from below, or sliding underneath them if they are aerial attacks.

The more hits you combine one after another, and the bigger your strikes are, the more points you will get, and if you can chain 100 successful attacks on the evil robot, you will clearly win!

If you have a controller, you can use it to play this game, but, otherwise, if you've only got a keyboard, use the A and D keys to move, K to jump, J for fists, U for bats, and O for shooting with your gun.

Let your action-heavy adventure with Pico start right now, and don't forget to check out even more of our awesome new games of the day!

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How to play?

Use the A, D, K, J, U, O keys.