Rushdown Rivals Reloaded

Rushdown Rivals Reloaded

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Rushdown Rivals Reloaded
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Rushdown Rivals Reloaded Overview


Rushdown Rivals Reloaded is a revamped version of the original shooter game featuring your favorite Newgrounds favorites such as Tankman, Pico, and others in a full-blown shootout, with all the action-packed elements you desire, and now you are going to have an even better experience, since this new version takes things even further, and makes them even better, we promise!

Play Rushdown Rivals Reloaded online unblocked!

In a first-person view, help Tankman shoot down all the enemies that will appear in front of him, and then move on to further locations, where even more enemies appear, in more diverse ways, so that it constantly gets more difficult for you to shoot them down, but more fun too.

Use the left mouse button to shoot, the right one to use secondary fire, and R to reload. It's that simple, so start right now, try to finish all of the missions, and see how many other great games we've got in store for you since we never stop!

How to play?

Use the mouse and R key.

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  • Spagato: Author
  • KeithGarces: Artist
  • Dieswyx: Music
  • Made to celebrate Pico Day 2023 with our unique take on a rail shooter! This experimental project allowed us to further develop the world we created with a fresh perspective. Huge thanks to Dieswyx for providing the awesome music for the game!
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  • Support the developers of this amazing reloaded version on Newgrounds

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