Adam and Eve Go 3

Adam and Eve Go 3

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Adam and Eve Go 3
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Adam and Eve Go 3 Overview


It seems that the series of Adam and Eve GO Games is picking up more steam than the original one, and we're happy for that since more diversity for this category of puzzle-adventure games online is always welcomed, and we know that this is currently one of the most popular series of the moment!

Help Adam reach Eve, in a brand new platform-adventure game!

What separates the Go games in the series from the original is that you move more, as you are directly moving Adam around the levels, unlike the original series, where you just had to solve puzzles for Adam to advance. Of course, at the end of all the stages, Adam will find Eve, and they will be together, as they should be!

Of course, the puzzle elements still remain, because you will do things like pull levers, find and use keys to open doors, you will climb stairs, and try to find the best route in order to avoid bumping into enemies along the way because if that happens and they attack you, you might die.

You have a limited number of lives, but more can be picked up along the way. Also, what you should definitely pick up are the various fruits on the courses, not just for Adam's nutrition, but to get points in return and increase your score level by level!

To move, use the arrow keys. It's all that simple and fun, so we hope that nothing holds you back from starting your adventure and the fun right now and here!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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