Soaring Through Space

Soaring Through Space

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Soaring Through Space
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Soaring Through Space Overview


Let's go Soaring Through Space with Vampirina! It's a flying game, but a space one! Yes, as a vampire, this girl can turn into a bag, but thanks to her magic, she can even go to other planets! Begin with Mercury, and then with each other planets in the solar system!

Have fun Soaring Through Space with Vampirina!

The flying in this game is done similarly to Flappy Bird Games. When you click/tap, you make the vampire girl fly up. When you release, she descends. Alternate these so that you can fly through each planet's sky.

There, make sure you avoid obstacles. They can be different, and one of them can be a storm. If you lose your three lives, you've got to start the space flight again from scratch. You can get new lives by flying through the hearts.

For points in this game, you collect a start. As you fly, go through as many of them as you can to get a big score. With your flying skills, try getting a bigger score from one planet to the other! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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