Super Mario Bros: Road to Infinity

01.07.2021 19.070 254 votes

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What is Super Mario Bros: Road to Infinity ?

Super Mario Bros: Road to Infinity

Here on our website, we would never miss the opportunity of sharing with you some brand new awesome Mario Games online, even more so when Luigi joins the fun as well, and the two of them form the powerful team of Super Mario Bros, just like they are going to do right now in our latest action-adventure game of the category: Road to Infinity!

Join the adventure of the Infinity Road with Mario and Luigi!

First, get to know the controls so you learn how to navigate this world with ease. Walk with A, D, use S to crouch, W to jump, X to sprint or attack, C for dismounting and special abilities, CTRL to spin the roulette.

Just like in other classic games of this series, you will have to reach as far as possible on the course, as you jump over creatures to avoid them, on their head to attack them, and collect coins along the course.

Pick up mushrooms to get bigger, get more lives, or acquire special abilities and attacks, and make sure not to fall into the pits or hit any traps or obstacles in your path, so you don't lose.

Good luck, enjoy this game like only here is possible, and we hope that you will stick around for all the fun still to come only on our website!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, and the X, C, CTRL keys.

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