Design With Me Cute Tie Dye Tops

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What is Design With Me Cute Tie Dye Tops?

Design With Me Cute Tie Dye Tops

It is already known that the girls visiting our website love to play new dress up games online, but today we are giving them a surprise since that is not all you can do in this game, where you also do the makeup for the Rainbow Girls, as well as do some clothes designing, as you create your own crop-tops shirts in tie-dye. It is as fun as it sounds, so let's see how playing Design With Me Cute Tie Dye Tops works, so you can start doing it right away!

Create the perfect tie-dye crop-top summer look for the Rainbow Girls!

There are three girls you will play with in this game, and, as per usual, you begin by doing their makeup. Choose lipstick, blush, and eye-shadow in the colors that you think suit them best, and even change the color of their eyes if you want to.

You will then take a blank crop-top in the shape that you like most, paint it a color you like, or tie-dye it, which is an awesome and trendy pattern, and then accessorize it to complete the design.

This item then becomes the center piece in the following dress-up stage, where not only do you pick other clothes, but can also choose the hairstyle, and accessorize it with earrings and necklaces.

It is all that simple, so we hope you start giving this game a chance right now, and maybe invite your friends to play it too, there's no chance they won't love doing it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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