FNF Music 3D

FNF Music 3D

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FNF Music 3D
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FNF Music 3D Overview


Next, up on our website, we are returning to the Friday Night Funkin Games category once more today, which is great since we know for a fact that it is the most popular page of this moment, so new games into it are always very well received, and should not be missed out on, especially if they are unique and offer something really fresh, just like right now with FNF Music 3D!

Help BF win rhythm battles, now in 3D!!!!

The game takes the original Friday Night Funkin Game and brings back all the antagonists and music you love, only the characters are now animated in 3d, not 2d like in the original one, so the game looks and feels different, in a really good way!

You can choose between the Story Mode or Free Play mode, with this game going up all the way to Week 6, so all your favorite antagonists and their songs are here!

When arrow symbols above BF match, you will use the arrow keys and press the same arrows, which hits the notes in their chart, and if you do this to the end of the songs, you win once the progress bar is your favor.

This means that you have to focus and be careful not to miss too many notes in a row since that means losing the game. Good luck, and stick around for even more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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