Super Cake Run

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What is Super Cake Run?

Super Cake Run

If you eat a lot of cakes, just as Barbie does, the best thing would be to follow her own advice and habits and go do some running to get rid of any extra fat, something that you will help her out in doing right now and here with the game called Super Cake Run, without a doubt one of the most awesome running and jumping games this category has had here so far!

Run and jump while collecting cakes along the way with Barbie!

Barbie is going to fun forward on the track by herself, with you having to help her jump over obstacles, jump to higher platforms, as well as do it in order to collect as many cakes as possible along the way, since the more she grabs, the bigger your score becomes.

To jump, simply click with the mouse or tap on the screen. There will also be milk cartons, eggs, flour, and other ingredients you would normally need to bake cakes, so collect them as well, and make sure to finish each of the course before the time granted for it runs out on you.

Good luck we want to wish you all, the best time possible, and we hope that you will stick around to catch even more games with Barbie we've got to offer, they're all a guaranteed great time!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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