Link the Dots

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Link the Dots
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What is Link the Dots?

Link the Dots

Our administrative team will never miss the chance to offer our visitors some of the best arcade puzzle games online on the internet, which is the reason why right at this moment our team invites you all to play Link the Dots, a drawing game with dots, in a way, where your skills with the mouse and focus are what will help you achieve victory!

Connect the dots to complete all the levels!

For starters, know that you can play this game in either the easy or hard levels of difficulty, and if you choose the hard one, know that you will have more complicated shapes that you have to create.

The gameplay remains the same, though, as you will use the mouse to draw lines between one dot and another, going in the order of their numbers, so start with 1, go to 2, and keep going until the last dot.

Try making each of the shapes become reality as fast as possible because you are playing against time, and you should try completing each level in a short time.

Those are the basic rules of this game, so now that you know them, nothing should hold you back from letting the fun begin right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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