Among Dots

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What is Among Dots?

Among Dots

Among Dots is the perfect crossover between Among Us Games and Pac-Man, two of the most popular kinds of games you can find and play online free of charge, especially on our website, so we're sure that right now you are going to have a blast, as you do with these games individually!

Have fun Among Dots with impostors and Pac-Man!

You will use the arrow keys to move your crewmate through the ship's maze, where there are ghosts that are also impostors at the same time, so you need to avoid them at any cost because they will kill you instantly if you touch them.

Instead, go around the maze to eat up all the dots and get a high score, but know that if you grab the bigger dots you are able to hunt the ghosts instead and kill them when you bump into them, the only upgrade you can find here.

Let all of the fun begin right now and here, free of charge, and don't stop at this game, since plenty more amazing ones are always waiting here for you, right around the corner!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.