Swamp Attack

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What is Swamp Attack?

Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack is going to be one of the best new action-adventure games online added on our website, a game where we already know how much fun can be had from our own time with it, so we made sure to share it with you all here and now as fast as we could, so right now we hope that you will give a chance to this great game, but first, let's teach you how you can give it your very best!

Survive all the enemies you encounter in the dangerous swamp!

For starters, know that there are three classes of characters you can become, which are called Robb, Cyborg, and Robbhunter, but no matter what you pick, their stats start out as basic, and as you proceed playing and doing a great job, you will be able to make them more powerful.

Move using the A, D keys, use the W key to jump, and click to make attacks. Among power-ups you will be able to find are meat for more attack power, shields for protection, and coins which you can use in the shop to make your character stronger.

Defeat all enemies you encounter while making sure your health bar does not get emptied out, get lots of coins, and see how far you can get through the onslaught of enemies. Have fun!

How to play?

Use the W, A, D keys, mouse.

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