Hot Wheels

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What is Hot Wheels?

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Unlimited IS the game you were waiting for if you are a big fan of the Hot Wheels franchise, without a doubt one of the most popular toy brands out there in the world of cars, and now you can go at incredible speeds with these awesome vehicles through online gaming, as sometimes it can get boring to just move small cars around with your hands.

Let's drive Hot Wheels with unlimited speed!

You start off with the Rodger Dodger car, one of the most iconic ones in the brand, but down the road, you will be able to unlock new ones after winning multiple races.

Before you can race the tracks, so as not to crash and burn, complete them, since parts of the road are missing, so use the mouse to take those parts of the road and put them together.

Draw the car really far back in order to gain a lot of speed, and then release to drive forward, after which you use the mouse to steer it left and right, take all the turns, and cross the finish line.

Further, up ahead in the game you will be able to race against other Hot Wheels, controlled by the computer, of course, and we hope we see you win as many races as possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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