Scary Wheels

Scary Wheels

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Scary Wheels
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Scary Wheels Overview


Funny games with people on wheelchairs who get scared, or lose their limbs and parts of their bodies as they bump into obstacles and traps have always been very well received on the internet since they're the kinds of games where people can shut their minds off and be blown by what kinds of events are happening because of them, so it's with great excitement that now we offer you such a game, a game called Scary Wheels!

Drive your wheels through the scary courses, and see how far you get!

When you start off you only get to become the character of a crazy old man in a wheelchair, but you will be able to unlock more avatars as you proceed, such as hipster, cat lady, omgderpkitty, epileptix, and more, all with their crazy designs.

At each level, you have to reach the destination, while not necessarily in one piece, but with as much of your body and vehicle as possible, because along the way, there are plenty of traps, pits, and obstacles that can cause damage.

You will use the arrow keys to drive and balance your vehicle and know that the time you take to finish a level is monitored. Don't let your health bar at the top get completely depleted, or you lose. The more you advance, the more coins you get, and you can use them to acquire new characters.

Let the fun begin right now and here, and don't hesitate to tell your friends about this game as well!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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