Lob Master 2021

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What is Lob Master 2021?

Lob Master 2021

We now invite you all to become the Lob Master of 2021, even if the year might have passed, because this is one of the best new soccer games online we've had on our website, and while free kicks, penalty kicks, corners, or out-of-bounds shots get a lot of attention in many football games 3d, doing lobs is not something you see that often, even if it is one of the coolest shots you can make in the sport, just like you will see right now!

Let's kick the best lobs on the soccer pitch!

A lob is a curved shot that is meant to make a really huge curb that will prevent the goalkeeper from catching it, and it can sometimes go past many players at once. Use the mouse to create your imaginary line, and when you think you've got the best angle, tap to make the shot.

You will be given difficult positions from which to shoot, the more you advance, the more complicated, but the points you win for making the shots will also increase. Good luck, we wish you all the best, and we hope to see you try even more football games for boys our team has added here over the years!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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