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Golf Overview


You can now play Golf online for free on our website directly from your browser, a really fun activity to do even if you've never played this sport, and even more interesting if you are already a fan of the game, but can't afford or don't have the chance to go out on a real course at the moment, for one reason or another!

Let's just golf online!

You get the ball in one spot, the hole with the flag in another, and to pass the level you have to shoot the ball into the hole, simple as that. Use the mouse to draw a line back to set the angle and power at which you shoot the ball, and release the button to make the shot.

While a direct shot into the hole is an art, and one of the most difficult things you could accomplish, don't worry if you take more shots to complete a level, since that is allowed in golfing. Try to make the number of tries as smaller as possible with each new try.

Good luck to all you golfers, and we definitely hope to see you around some more, there is always more fun to be had here, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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