Golf Fling

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Golf Fling
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What is Golf Fling?

Golf Fling

Golf Fling has been brought over to our website because we know without a doubt that golf games online in 3D are and always will be fan-favorites of our visitors, as this is quite a huge recreational sport all across the world, and we always want it to have a really good representation on our website, as it is going to be the case right now!

Let's Golf Fling online!

In each level, just like with the real-life sport, you need to get the ball inside of the holes, but the courses get more difficult as you advance, with them having complicated layouts, so you will probably need to make multiple shots to achieve your goal, but in golf that is not necessarily a problem.

Hold the mouse on the ball, drag it in the direction you want to shoot it, and release. The farther you drag, the more power your shot will have, so figure out the best path and power to use in shooting.

How far can you reach? How many putts can you hit into? We hope all of them, and that you have the most fun possible with this game, just like it had been the case for our own time with it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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