Golf Battle

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What is Golf Battle?

Golf Battle
In this new 3D golf game, you will have to complete each stage as fast as possible! Each stage will be different and you will have to complete them before the timer runs out. In each stage, you will find different obstacles such as windmills, castles, ramps, shallow paths, and more. You have to shoot your golf ball past these obstacles and get your ball inside the hole. Once the time is out you will be shown your final score and you will have to restart the game.

There are many items on each stage including coins that increase your score, you can encounter snow or sand which slow your ball down significantly and needs multiple shots to get out of, you may also encounter missing stage borders which make you vulnerable to going off stage, you may also encounter water which will reset your ball's position if your ball falls in it. There are many biomes you can encounter including snowy biome, forest, sandy biome, etc.

Are you ready for golf? Let's play!

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How to play?

Use mouse or your finger to interact with the game.