Squid Soccer Game

Squid Soccer Game

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Squid Soccer Game
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Squid Soccer Game Overview


Squid Soccer is a game that allows you to play the world's most popular sport, football (the one from Europe, of course), but with characters from this highly-acclaimed Netflix hit show, as the goalkeeper will be a red guard that you protect. How many shots can you protect? Let's find out!

Let's play Squid Game Soccer, it's even better than the original!

Start by choosing which of the three guards you want to be: Triangle, Square, Circle. With the mouse you move your goalkeeper towards where you think the ball is going, and if you save it enough times, you finish the level, and in the next one the shooters will be better, but so will you.

Try to protect as many shots as possible to always have a better high score, and more fun at the same time. Good luck, since that is also important in sports, and we hope that you don't stop checking out this category with this game, there are plenty more waiting in it only for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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