Kick the Poppy

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What is Kick the Poppy?

Kick the Poppy

Kick the Poppy is a brand new skill and arcade game with Huggy Wuggy that we are delighted to be sharing with you here and now free of charge, because it is unlike anything you've played in the category before, and we also know that knife-throwing games have always been a hoot with players worldwide!

Kick the poppy with knives!

Huggy Wuggy is stuck to a rotating wheel, and on it, there are targets at which you shoot with darts. Use the mouse to shoot at them, clicking where you want them to go, as the wheel rotates. Once all the targets have been hit, the level is cleared, and you advance to the next one.

Of course, each new level makes the wheel go faster, and you get more targets to hit, so it makes it more difficult, but more fun too, as a challenge should always be seen as an opportunity for improvement! Good luck we wish you all, and, most importantly, focus!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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