Paper Fold 3D

Paper Fold 3D

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Paper Fold 3D
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Paper Fold 3D Overview


Paper Fold 3D is a brand new puzzle and skill game online belonging to the world of DIY Games, no doubt about that, but it is quite a bit different from most other offerings you were used to in this genre, first because it is 3D-rendered, so it is going to look great, and, secondly, because there haven't been many paper folding games online in existence so far, an activity that can be as much fun online as in real life!

Fold the 3d papers to reveal the art!

In each level, use the mouse to swipe on the paper to fold it one way and another, because only when you have folded all the sides of the paper will the image be revealed, and when it is full, the level is complete, and you get coins as rewards, which you can use in the shop to buy various chests that you open up for surprises.

Of course, each new level gives you something a bit more difficult to fold, and if you mess up, the paper is ruined, meaning that you have to start the levels again from scratch. Good luck, focus, and make sure to stick along with us all day long, we promise a full day of fun, as always!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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