Paper Fold Origami

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What is Paper Fold Origami?

Paper Fold Origami

Paper Fold Origami has just been added to our website precisely because it would need way more origami games online than it already was, as this paper-folding art form from Japan is one of the most fun and relaxing activities, boosting creativity too, and we believe that doing it on the internet is just as fun as in real life.

Paper Fold the Origami online!

In each level, you will have a sheet of paper divided into multiple parts, and your goal is to click on the pieces of the paper and fold them, doing it in the correct order that will make it so that the image in the origami is complete. There is only one order that will achieve that, so be careful not to mess it up, or ruin the image.

Each new level is more difficult than the other, but it also has a new image for you to fold, so you are always kept on your toes and get to have a unique experience!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.