Doctor Hero

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What is Doctor Hero?

Doctor Hero

Doctors are and always will be heroes, which is the role that we invite you to step into right now and here with the addition of this amazing new game called Doctor Hero, which is one of the few 3D ones that this category has to offer you, and it also works similar to arcade and friv games, so here is yet another unique thing about it to enjoy!

Become the world's most important hero: a doctor!

You will use the mouse to control various doctor's equipment in your office, doing things such as scanning with ultra-rays for the injuries, cutting tissue to get to the bones, healing up wounds, stitching them up, always disinfecting, and making sure that each problem, even a small one, is treated right.

Just click where shown by the on-screen indicators, and once a patient is treated, you get rewarded, with money, of course, which you might use in the shop to buy all sorts of neat stuff later down the road. Start right now, have the best virtual doctor experience ever, and make sure to stick around for more amazing content all day long!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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