FNF Pizzeria

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What is FNF Pizzeria?

FNF Pizzeria

We now welcome you all to the FNF Pizzeria, where you will take a break from singing and dancing, because you need to recharge after losing all that energy doing it, and the best way to do it is with pizza, one of the world's most popular dishes, with which you can never go wrong!

Become the best chef at the FNF Pizzeria!

Customers from FNF such as BF, GF, Daddy Dearest, Tankman, and others will come to the desk, where they show you the kind of pizza they want. Use the mouse to pick the right ingredients to put over the dough, and when you're ready, click on the green button to serve them, and get your money in return.

If you mess up the recipe, click on the garbage bin button in red to throw it away and start over. If customers don't get the correct dish or wait too long, they will leave, and too many lost customers mean losing the game. Serve enough pizza to finish each level with the required number of money, and then advance.

Cooking and serving games are about to get way better, as it would be expected from Friday Night Funkin' Games, so let's start right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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