Smiling Glass 2

Smiling Glass 2

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Smiling Glass 2
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Smiling Glass 2 Overview


Smiling Glass 2 is here precisely because the original game had been received very well by the visitors of our website, so a sequel was destined to appear, where you can solve even more interesting puzzles that will help the glass turn from sad to happy, and smile, of course!

Let's help the glass smile once again!

How can you turn the sad glass smiling? It's simple, it needs to be filled, so complete each level by filling it with the required amount of water, which is shown to you by a dotted line, so pour the water until it hits it. Be careful not to lose water or fill the cup too much, since that leads to you losing.

Use the mouse to move things around or remove them, all in order to remove any obstacles between the water faucet and the glass, clicking on the said faucet to make the water drip. This game brings along the new mechanic of teleportation portals that help you move the water from one spot to another, so make sure not to miss them.

Each new level features a puzzle more difficult than the one before, but that is what makes things more fun and exciting, so give your best to finishing all the levels and having ultimate fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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