Smiling Glass

Smiling Glass

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Smiling Glass
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Smiling Glass Overview


Smiling Glass is a prime example of how dynamic and interesting arcade-puzzle games online can be, and this one won't be disappointing anyone, just like it clearly did not happen for us, because we've had a great time with it, just like you will right now!

Pour the water to make the glass smile!

You will have a water pump with an arrow on it, which shows the direction the water flows out of it once you click or click and hold the left mouse button on it. The more you press the button, the more water comes out. To win a level you need to make sure that enough water gets into the glass to make it smile.

There's a dotted line that shows how much water you need to fill the glass with. There will be obstacles, such as moving platforms to the left and right, but also things that you have to use, such as the platforms on which you hit the water and then they drip into the glass.

Each new level will make it more difficult for the water to reach the glass, so make sure to figure out the best way to get past it, fill it up, and both you and the glass will be smiling at the end. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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