Joy of Glass

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What is Joy of Glass?

Joy of Glass

Joy of Glass is yet another puzzle and logic game online that we are highly excited to share with everyone on our website right now since games with this kind of format are already quite big hits, and people know that they are getting themselves into a fun time, and today is not going to be an exception either.

Let's fill up the Joy of Glass!

The goal you have in each level, in order to pass it, is to fill up the glass with water, because only then does it start smiling, meaning that you have finished that level.

Use the mouse to draw lines in such a way that you can make the water that comes out of the pump follow them and hit into the cup, and fill it up to the brim, which is represented by a dotted line.

Each new puzzle gets harder than the one before it, but we are sure that you will still be able to figure everything out, and if not, restart the level as many times as you need.

Good luck, and don't stop here, since you can never know what more great games we've got in store for you, and trust us when we say there is plenty more to come!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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