Happy Filled Glass 3

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What is Happy Filled Glass 3?

Happy Filled Glass 3

Happy Filled Glass 3 is the latest addition to this series that is already quite beloved all across the internet, which is certainly the case considering that we've reached a third iteration, and if you already loved playing the first two, this one will also be a treat, but even if not, you can still enjoy this one to the fullest, as we will now explain it to you with care!

Play Happy Filled Glass 3 online unblocked!

Use the mouse to draw lines in whatever shape you think is most appropriate with the goal of making the water come from the pipe and avoid all the obstacles along the way, and, as you do that, make it hit the glass water and fill it up to the dotted line, the only way to clear the level.

In this new edition, there will be many obstacles placed all across the screen, so your logical skills should also rise to the occasion, as it might be all more difficult, but definitely more interesting at the same time.

Let's start now, only here, and don't stop here, since our team has many more amazing games in store for you, every day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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