The Island Survival Challenge

The Island Survival Challenge

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The Island Survival Challenge
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The Island Survival Challenge Overview


The Island Survival Challenge is going to be one of the most interesting RPG Games online you've ever played so far on our website, no doubt, because here you find out if you were to survive on an island if you were stranded there, at least virtually, because, in real life, we could not even imagine. Of course, doing it virtually is the best and safest alternative, and we're sure you will really enjoy it, just like we did!

Can you complete The Island Survival Challenge?

You start off the game in your cabin, and you have only one spear in your hand to use, which can be used for cutting stuff, hitting things, and, of course, hunting.

Crafting is a really important aspect of this game, as you will make your own tools, furniture, weapons, and other useful items to help you survive.

Don't forget to hunt animals for food, but you can also grow plants and fruits, so maybe start setting up a garden as well. You have bars for health, energy, food, and water, so try keeping them as high as possible, because their complete depletion might lead to your death, and that also means losing the game.

Move with WASD, look around with the mouse, lock it with L and then click to make attacks, and use the E key to interact with items around you. Access the inventory with Tab.

Nature itself will always be against you, but if you focus and never give up, we are sure that you will achieve survival, and will also have tons of fun!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, L, E, TAB keys.

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