Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands

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Ninja Hands
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Ninja Hands Overview


You need to have fast Ninja Hands that work very well if you want to cast all the best ninja spells and techniques that will help you defeat the multitude of enemies you encounter through your battles, where you will show off your training as a ninja over the years through anime such as Naruto, for example!

Use your Ninja Hands to beat your enemies!

Use the mouse to swipe towards your enemies, facing them head-on, and then use combos between keys such as Q, W, and E in order to make ninja spells to attack said enemies, and make sure to move fast, because if enemies are swifter than you, they might attack back and defeat you instead.

You can also lose if you attack people who have been captured instead of their captors, so be careful not to make this rookie mistake. Between the levels, you can acquire familiars, such as attack dogs, or secret jutsu and techniques by watching ads, sometimes for free, and with the money, you earn from levels you should buy new skills and skins alike.

Each new level features more enemies and a more complicated location, but we are sure that if you focus and give your best, you will become the winner each time, and your legend as a ninja will live on!

How to play?

Use the W, Q, and E keys, and mouse.

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