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JumpFall.io Overview


JumpFall.io is one of the most unique multiplayer io games online to have been added to our website recently, precisely why we could not have missed sharing it with you right away, as you get to compete with players all over the world, maybe even your friends, if you invite them, in a virtual environment in the sky!

JumpFall.io: racing, jumping, and falling with friends!

Use the arrow keys to move your block, after you choose the name you want to use, jump with space, and if you hold shift, you run faster and jump higher. With the block, you have to move along the blocks, without falling into the abyss, and without hitting lava and other traps and obstacles that you encounter.

Other players are also dangerous, as they can throw you off, but if you can, you should throw them off instead and rank higher on the leaderboard. Now that you've learned how simple and exciting this all is, start the fun right away, only here, and maybe tell your friends to come over here and compete together!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, shift key.

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