Island of Mine

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Island of Mine
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What is Island of Mine?

Island of Mine

Welcome to Island of Mine, an adventure simulator game with a pixelated retro look akin to the classic Pokemon games we're sure you have played in the past, but even if not, this one will be very cool, even more so since it has quests, dragons, puzzles, and lots of interesting lands on the island for you to explore.

Come on the Island of Mine for fun!

Start off by editing your character, for whom you can change the hair, its color, as well as his or her skin. Control the character's movement using the WASD keys, and use E to interact and use items.

You start off with one block of land in the water, which will be the basis for your future island, which you have to create from scratch. On the patch of land, there is a chest, open it. Yes, inside there are coins that you then collect.

With the coins you can buy new patches of land next to it, increasing your island, and as you do, new items will appear, and you can use them to craft new items, buildings, natural resources, and more.

Continue gathering resources and expanding, and see how limitless the island of yours is going to be, with us being positive you will have an amazing time. Let's start!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, E key, spacebar, mouse.

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