Find Out The Criminal

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Find Out The Criminal
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What is Find Out The Criminal?

Find Out The Criminal

Find Out The Criminal is one of the most interesting detective games online to have just been added for you all in our category of puzzle games online, where we are positive you will have simply the best of times, as you always do here since games with clues, mysteries, and criminals have always been a hit!

It's time to Find Out The Criminal!

You will be given multiple cases to solve, and the more difficult they are, the more rewards you get in return for completing them, but we recommend starting out small and then moving on to bigger cases.

Use the mouse to rearrange evidence, scan fingerprints, match them with criminals, and get them in prison. Of course, the method can change from case to case, but you usually have to solve puzzles to get clues that lead you closer to the truth.

We are sure that this immersive world will grab you right away, you will enjoy it to the fullest, and we hope you don't stop here, as more amazing games are always going to be provided to you, it would be a shame not to play them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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