FNF x Pibby Vs Corrupted Morty

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FNF x Pibby Vs Corrupted Morty
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What is FNF x Pibby Vs Corrupted Morty?

FNF x Pibby Vs Corrupted Morty

The Pibby Virus corrupted the one and only Morty, whom you now have to heal from it by defeating him in a rhythm battle on the song called 'Broken Portal'!

Defeat Corrupted Morty and rid him of FNF's Pibby virus!

Watch for when arrow symbols match above BF, and when they do, press the identical arrow keys to hit your notes, something you need to do until the song ends to win, but be careful not to miss hitting your notes too many times in a row, since that will lead to your loss. Good luck and the best we wish you all!

Mod Credits:
Original Credits:
  • ninjamuffin99
  • PhantomArcade 3K, Evilsk8r
  • Kawai Sprite

This is an open-source game, and you can support the developers here.

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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