Tank MIX

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What is Tank MIX?

Tank MIX

Get ready for fun and a mission to complete, and not just any mission, but one where you have to protect the Earth from the invading enemy spaceships of aliens by using tanks to tear them to shreds and ensure our autonomy, otherwise they decimate our forces and take control over the world!

Mix one tank with another and upgrade the military towards victory!

Enemy spaceships sit in the center of the battlefield, and from the right side of the screen, you have to place tanks on them, going around the spaceship to attack them. Provide extra power by clicking on the spaceship to damage it even more so.

The more important strategy is that of mixing or merging, if you wish, where you take two tanks of the same level and merge them together, creating one of a level higher.

Keep doing it to raise their level, which means they are more powerful, so you take down your targets faster. Of course, new enemy spaceships will also increase their power, so the battles will become more challenging.

Still, we truly believe you will be able to stand tall against the alien invasion, lead your tanks into battle with poise, and achieve victory for the human race!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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