Stickman vs Craftsman

Stickman vs Craftsman

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Stickman vs Craftsman
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Stickman vs Craftsman Overview


In Stickman vs Craftsman, we see a confrontation between a Stickman character and a Steve from Minecraft, combining these two popular categories of our website in what will surely be yet another amazing and beloved game that will be loved by fans of both and even more people from around the internet, who we now invite you to have the best time possible!

Stickman vs Craftsman: who will win?

There are two modes in this game that can be played, and they are:

  • SURVIVAL MODE: Here you need to collect as many coins and diamonds as possible as you advance forward to reach the portal, advancing to the next dimension to save your earnings. You might encounter enemies along the way, and you should shoot them down with arrows, use TNT and bombs, or simply hit them. To increase your life in case it depletes, kill animals. This mode features three worlds:
  1. Piye World
  2. Labyrin Island
  3. Bikini Bottom
  • FIND THE KEY MODE: To complete each level you need to find the key, otherwise, you cannot open the door to the next level. The rest is the same as with the other mode.

Use the ARROWS for moving, and use Q, W, and E to attack in various ways. Use special touch controls on phones and tablets. You will be the Stickman that needs to face the creepers, zombies, and the whole of the pixelated world going up against you, can you face it and survive? Let's see!!!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Q, W, and E keys.

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