Zen Triple 3D

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Zen Triple 3D
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What is Zen Triple 3D?

Zen Triple 3D

Zen Triple 3D is yet another matching game 3D online that we are delighted to share with you on our website, as this kind of specific format seems to have become more and more popular, and when such a game is high-quality, we could not have missed sharing it with our audience!

Get Zen in a Triple matching 3D game!

Being zen means being calm and patient, and that is what this game is aiming to reach you through doing matches of three objects in order to remove them, something that you will now do with the 3d items being put inside of a bubble that you can hold on and rotate around so that you can get to your items.

Each new level has more items for you to match, obviously. Click on the three identical items to put them one next to the other in the boxes down below, and when you do that, they get removed and in return, you get points, so clear the level when there are no more items to match.

Know that if you fill up all the boxes you lose. Each level also needs to be finished before the time goes out on you, but you have more time when you have more items to match. Good luck and the best we wish you all, inviting you to stick around for even more of it to come afterward!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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