Park Me

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What is Park Me?

Park Me

Park Me is not just a parking game, as it is way more than that, basically a match 3 game online, where you match cars by parking them correctly, something we will now teach you how to do, since you've never played anything like it before, so giving it a chance is definitely something we hope to see you do right away!

Play Park Me online, a match 3 game with cars!

In the middle of the screen, there are a bunch of cars, in various colors, and you need to match 3 of them of the same color at once by putting them in adjacent parking spots at the top to make them move there, you simply click on them.

Do it in such an order that they are able to get out of the cluster because if one car hits another, you lose the level and have to start again. You also lose if you've put the cars in such a way that they are not grouped by color, they don't match, and you fill up all the spots.

Each new level becomes more difficult than the last, but we promise they also get more fun, guaranteed, so begin right now, and don't stop here, since we've always got more in the pipeline, only for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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